Often the Closing Lower – Royal Rumble 2004 Evaluation

Hi and welcome to the 2nd version of The Last Cut in as many times, the column that brought you such mark-out times as “KICK HIS F’N HEAD IN FOLEY!” and “BENOIT! BENOIT! BENOIT! BENOIT! BENOIT! OH MY GOD! BENOIT!” I’m blaming the liquor and I am sticking to it!

People kind folks at Sentanta Sporting activities questioned us to kindly element with fifteen.ninety nine GBP (fourteen.99 GBP ordering by remote) for the privilege of seeing the Royal Rumble, and following the recent requirements of pay-per-views from World Wrestling Amusement some of us, including me, were questioning our generosity.

[Globe Tag Group Championship]
Tables Match
Ric Flair & Batista vs. The Dudley Boyz

It turned out to be D’von who would consider the plunge via the desk, was there actually any question that a Dudley would not go by way of? Supplying Batista a pair of seconds to discuss on the mic, as they walked down the aisle, was a great concept. His mic function is coming together just wonderful.

This match was a common group warm up match on a shell out-per-see. Quickly

Personally I would have knocked this feud on the head right at the end of this tag crew match, but being aware of The Dudley Boyz are the amount 1 confront tag team in Planet Wrestling Amusement this is not likely to occur any time quickly.

I know that a whole lot of people imagined that this match was uninteresting, dire and useless via out, and they could have a point but the match did what it was questioned to do and that is warm up the crowd.

On a facet be aware. final cut pro x plugins looked like he damage himself when the table smashed him in the experience.

Winner: Ric Aptitude & Batista

[WWE Cruiserweight Championship]
Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble

Every match that was on the card, aside from the rumble and the Triple H/HBK match, experienced one particular issue in common, they had been all way too brief. The common length was about 8-10 minutes.

This match did not have time to unravel as it could of accomplished, just when it could have obtained fascinating the match was finished with a fairly mundane trend.

But there was a single very good factor to arrive out of this dire match. Nidia “unintentionally” grabbed Noble’s leg as he arrived off the ropes. I have a experience we might have witnessed the seeds getting sown for the eventual switch by Nidia on Jamie.

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