Diagnostics of spark plugs

Diagnostics of spark plugs is one of the main methods for determining the correct operation of the engine.

Surely any motorist not opposed to it, the vehicle always worked as “hours”. Of course, failures in the operation of the engine can occur for various reasons and none of its working system is immune to it. Avoid many minor and sometimes major problems with the car engine will help correct and careful care, timely diagnosis and maintenance.

Yes, otherwise can’t be. As they say in Russia – “I love to skate, love and sleigh to haul”. Buy spare parts and repair their equipment.

In the same way as normal, methods of diagnostics of the operating status of various units of the engine, there are a great many. One of such methods, namely the diagnostics of the car engine at its spark plugs, we have a little talk. Because sometimes, just turning from a block candle, can “say” about many impending failures and allow time to take appropriate remedial action.

In order to diagnose the operating state, the spark plug must remove and pay very serious attention to her appearance. In color it is possible to determine that the candle is serviceable and works quite well

The working candle color can be from gray to light brown.

The normal color of a spark plug is light brown or gray

If the spark plug is covered with soot, and sometimes are still wet so the power supply system supplying too rich a mixture in the combustion chamber. In plain language this is called “Gulf” fuel.

Another indicator of the supply of enriched mixture is the presence of black smoke from the muffler and a sharp increase in consumption of vehicle fuel.

Contact plating candle black oily soot indicate deterioration of some components of the piston group. To see this clearly, you need to remove the cylinder head

If the spark plug is oil - worn piston components

If the spark plug is melted or covered with a large layer of soot, it means you made a mistake in her choice during the installation.

The candle melted or covered with soot - the wrong choice of candles

For each type of internal combustion engines are designed a certain brand of spark plugs.

Even if the installed candle brand and the quality of them, but not suitable for Your car according to the settings, normal and long they will not work. Therefore, the choice of spark plugs you must take care not to be guided by the advice of “knowledgeable” people, and the recommendation of the manufacturer of the car.

Selecting the appropriate settings on your car the spark, decide the type experts recommend to give preference to iridium or platinum plugs. In working this type of spark has proven itself very well, but to list all their benefits, we will not.

Do not forget that the spark plugs have a life, because in the process they wear out and become useless. Therefore, their timely replacement guarantees normal and reliable operation not only the ignition system but to the entire car engine.

In conclusion, we can say that the correct diagnosis of the spark plugs will allow you to understand how the engine of your car, reduce fuel consumption, increase power and even prompt that it is time to repair the engine.